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Jostin is managing the general trades scope for the energy conservation retrofit of the entire school including demolition, cast-in-place concrete, masonry, metals, wood carpentry, roofing, doors frames and hardware, storefront and glazing, metal framing, gypsum board, ceilings, flooring, painting, and all architectural specialties.</p> <a href="/projects/general-contracting#projectTwo">More About This Project</a><br /> <a href="/general-contracting">More About General Contracting</a> </div><!-- end caption --> </div> <!-- end slide --> <div class="slide"> <img src="/img/feat-2-5th-race.jpg" width="257" height="140" alt=""> <div class="caption" style="bottom:0"> <h1>Featured Project</h1> <p><b>5th & Race/Dunnhumby</b> <br /> Dunnhumby's new headquarters is located on the corner of Fifth and Race street in downtown Cincinnati. The job consists of 3 floors of below ground parking, 4 floors of above ground parking and 5 floors of office space. This project is approximately 865,000 square feet.</p> <a href="/projects/concrete-construction#projectTwo">More About This Project</a><br /> <a href="/concrete-construction">More About Concrete Construction</a> </div><!-- end caption --> </div><!-- end slide --> <div class="slide"> <img src="/img/feat-3-univ-station.jpg" width="257" height="140" alt=""> <div class="caption" style="bottom:0"> <h1>Featured Project</h1> <p><b>University Station</b> <br /> University Station is a mixed-use development at Montgomery Road and Cleneay Avenue adjacent to Xavier's campus. Phase I is a 315,000 square foot mixed use development on 15 acres. It includes 40,000 square feet of office space, 35,000 square feet of retail, 11,000 square feet for the Xavier University bookstore, 900 parking spaces and a 225,000-square foot apartment complex serving Xavier and the local community.</p> <a href="/projects/concrete-construction#projectThree">More About This Project</a><br /> <a href="/concrete-construction">More About Concrete Construction</a> </div><!-- end caption --> </div><!-- end slide --> </div> <!-- end slides_container --> </div> <!-- end projects --> </div> <!-- end projects-container --> <div id="left-content"> <h1>Jostin Construction, Inc.</h1> <p>Jostin Construction is a Cincinnati-based, full service construction company specializing in construction management, general contracting, and self-performed pump, place, finish and total package concrete construction. Using a diverse team of professionals, Jostin is committed to owner satisfaction and project success by delivering a quality product safely, on time, within budget, and using the best practices in the construction industry.</p> <p>Jostin is competitive in the current economic market and recognizes the importance of continued and sustained growth through a strong and inclusive workforce. We recognize the value of both a skilled workforce as well as a collaborative one. This leads to productive workers and a workforce that provides access to innovative approaches to the construction process. This approach nets a positive outcome for all. </p> <p class="gold"><a href="/concrete-construction" class="first" title="Concrete Construction">Concrete Construction</a> | <a href="/general-contracting" title="General Contracting">General Contracting</a> | <a href="/construction-management" title="Construction Management">Construction Management</a></p> <div id="temp_info"> <hr> <img src="/img/kflogo_100x100.jpg" align="Kidney Foundation"> <h2>Jostin Construction, Inc. is a proud supporter of the<br />National Kidney Foundation.</h2> <p>Albert C. Smitherman and Liza Smitherman, the co-chairs of the 2014 National Kidney Foundation Walk, and Team Jostin are actively working to raise $100,000. The fundraiser is our goal to substantially increase the awareness of Kidney disease and support the cause financially. We need your support!</p> <a href="http://donate.kidney.org/site/TR/Walk/Ohio?team_id=173421&pg=team&fr_id=6641" target="_blank" title="Join/Support Team Jostin">Join/Support Team Jostin</a> </div> <!-- end temp_info --> </div> <!-- end left-content --> </div><!-- end home-positioning --> <script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function() { // Any thing in here will execute when the DOM has finished loading /* coded for october popup modal */ /* $('#basic-modal-content').modal(); */ }); </script>

Jostin Construction, Inc. is proud to support the battle against breast cancer. Throughout the month of October, Jostin employees will be wearing pink every day in the office and on each job site. The pink will be worn to raise awareness for this important campaign.

Each time Jostin's website is visited by a new viewer, Jostin will donate $1 to Breast Cancer Awareness. Our company goal is to reach 2,000 website hits from October 1st-October 31st.

Thanks for helping us make this goal happen!

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